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Why would you choose a secular/Humanist/non-religious ceremony? Well,... if you live your life without religion you must admit that a religious ceremony would be a bit hypocritical. It's not really that fair to expect a vicar to do the job either, when you know you are not being sincere. But all throughout history civilisations have been celebrating their ‘rites of passage‘ - there is obviously a human need. These ceremonies were all dictated by superstition and religion..... But now we live in a more enlightened age we come to view these things differently. So if religion means nothing to you why have a religious ceremony?

With a secular ceremony the options are far greater too. When it comes to a wedding, affirmation or a naming, Where you have it, what commitments you wish to make, are for you to decide. The choice is your‘s - I will suggest a framework to work from and will help you put it all together, act as coordinator and conduct the proceedings. For a funeral be sure to choose the funeral director carefully and tell him/her of your wishes, and, if it's to be a cremation, remember that the time at the crematorium is limited but, if you feel the need you can book a double slot. you still have the chance to ‘celebrate‘ a life that has been. If you are planning your own funeral make sure that your wishes are known to all the people who need to know.

I would at all times recognise, and be sensitive to, the fact that there may well be people of various beliefs and would endeavour to accommodate them.

Why Me?

Experience? I have been conducting ceremonies on behalf of Cornwall Humanists (in a new window) since 1992, when I conducted my first funeral. My first wedding and gay affirmation were in 1997, and my first naming in 1998. I have now done well over 300 ceremonies. I am a member of the Association of Humanist Celebrants which means I am part of a nation-wide network and I have the luxury of a pool of experience shared with many colegues from all over the country.

Tell me about your secular ceremony, good or bad, (not necessarily for publication)  If you would like me to give a talk to your ‘organisation‘, or for further information on secular/humanist ceremonies have a look at my other site, or to contact me click on the image below.

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home why? weddings funerals gay affirmations sssi