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First, I would always recommend that your marriage be legalised in the registry office before, or after a the ceremony. It's not that big a deal these days and if you want you can opt to exclude the exchange of rings and save that pleasure for the ‘proper’ ceremony.

true love knows no bounds

Your wedding will be a personal and genuine ceremony, individually written especially for you, and, as such, a joyful and meaningful celebration of your commitment. Your wedding day will be a day to remember for all the best reasons!

the season for love
is when the gorse is in bloom

You may have got married abroad and would like to have a ceremony in this country to celebrate with friends and family. You could have all the paraphernalia of an ordinary wedding, bridesmaids, best man, the bouquet, witnesses to sign a Certificate, you can swap rings, light a candle or exchange a ‘broken token’.

you don't get married
so that you can live together
but because you can't live apart

Above all, it should be fun and enjoyable but your actual vows should be taken seriously. These are the commitments that you will make to each other and the assembled company would bear witness to what you say. It can be as formal or informal as you like, and can take place anywhere, on a beach, beneath a tree, on the cliffs, on a boat, or in a house, garden, hotel, castle, you name it.

you don't love someone
because they are beautiful,
they are beautiful because you love them

We are lucky in Cornwall as we have some beautiful, even spectacular sites for such occasions. I have conducted a combined wedding and baby naming ceremony at a beautiful garden at Bollingy, Wedding ceremonies on Constantine Beach - North Cornwall, Carn Brea Monument - Camborne, in the ruins of Restormal Castle - Lost Withiel, a court yard of a farm, a front garden, a back garden, even in a cave on Lusty Glaze Beach. There are a number of Youth Hostels in Cornwall that you can rent for a week-end. I have 'tied the knot' in the Youth Hostels at Tintagel and Treyarnon Bay, also in Budock Vean Hotel - on the Helford River, the Atlantic Hotel - Newquay, the Seiners Arms Hotel - Perranporth, the Star Castle Hotel- on the Isles of Scilly and Porth-en-Alls at Prussia Cove. In the big house and in one of the cottages. Each and every one is unique.

true love doesn't have a happy ending,
it has no ending

I would be happy to give you ideas and can give you advice about music, poetry and readings, symbolic acts and the structure of your wedding ceremony.

you can give without loving
but you can't love without giving

I appreciate that some of your guests are likely to hold strong religious beliefs. We could aim to acknowledge that and be inclusive. As such, a Humanist ceremony can be an ideal wedding for a couple from different cultural or religious origins.

love is a game that
two can play and both can win

As your wedding day approaches, I would be happy to meet with you for a dress rehearsal to ensure that the ceremony runs smoothly as I'm sure it would.

when your'e in love you never grow old

Above all it's your big day, your celebration, and for you to choose. Together we will make it a day to remember.

love; the more you give the more you get

For more information on secular/Humanist weddings have a look at my other site in a new window, or to contact me click on the image below.

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