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British Humanist Association
main Humanist org. in UK (in a new window)

National Secular Society
a little more radical than the BHA. (in a new window)

Rationalist Press Association
for publications (in a new window)

The Freethinker
a monthly magazine for atheists, founded in 1881 (in a new window)

South Place Ethical Society.
founded in 1793 it is the oldest freethought community in the world. (in a new window)

Richard Dawkins
the new Richard Dawkins website (in a new window)

Gay & Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA)
promotes a rational humanist approach to homosexuality and provides a voice for the non-religious gay and lesbian community (in a new window)

International Humanist & Ethical Union
word-wide Humanist movement and umbrella for National Humanist groups. (in a new window)

Humanist views from a Labour Party perspective. (in a new window)

Celebrity Atheists
we have Famous Friends. (in a new window)

Dignity in Dying (formally Voluntary Euthanasia Society
campaign to allow the terminaly ill to be allowed medical help to die at a time of their choosing. (in a new window)

organisations : Individuals and Local Groups : Fun - Humour Debunking & Verse. (in a new window)

Cornwall Humanists
our local group. (in a new window)

Devon Humanists
friends from over the border. (in a new window)

Other Sites

John the Fish
my other life. (in a new window)

e-The Humanist

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