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Same Sex weddings have no legal standing in the UK at the moment, but times are changing - and fast. Not fast enough, I know - but it can’t be long now.

“true love knows no bounds”

In the meantime, a serious and dignified way of celebrating a relationship and for a couple to make their promises to each other would be a Gay Affirmation. It can be as good as a wedding - if not better. You could have all the paraphernalia of bridesmaids, best man, the bouquets, witnesses to sign the Certificate, but the important thing is the commitment made to each other with friends and family there to bear witness.

“love is a game that two can play
and both can win”

I have conducted a number of Gay Affirmations that have come mainly through GALHA, the Gay & Lesbian Humanist Association and The Pink Triangle Trust

For further information on secular/humanist affirmations have a look at my other site, or to contact me clisk on the image below.

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home why? weddings funerals gay affirmations sssi